Who Should Take the DUTCH Adrenal Hormone Test?

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THE adrenal hormone test

This is a test for “adrenal fatigue,” more accurately called HPA-D, which stands for hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis dysfunction.

The DUTCH Adrenal test is very easy to do. The directions are extremely clear. You take four urine samples at four different times of the day, and they don’t have to be on the same day. Then you simply fold up the dry test strips and mail them in the enclosed envelope.

Why do this test?

Your results will end the guesswork about whether or not the root cause of your symptoms is due to adrenal fatigue (HPA-D). These symptoms are clues:

  • Stress
  • Second wind late at night
  • Trouble sleeping soundly
  • Wake up in the morning feeling groggy, tired, or unrested
  • Difficulty recovering from exercise
  • Energy slumps throughout the day
  • Need caffeine in the morning to wake up, or throughout the day to function
  • Anxiety
  • Injuries that are slow to heal
  • Frequent colds and flus
  • Difficulty regulating blood sugar
  • Unexplained abdominal weight
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome
  • Past trauma and significant stress you haven’t fully recovered from
  • Menopause symptoms
  • Hypothyroid symptoms or diagnosis
  • Inflammation or infections that aren’t resolving

Wonder if you have HPA-D? Take this self-assessment:

Why this urine test, and not blood or saliva?

This urine test measures your adrenal hormone metabolites. Blood and saliva can’t test this. It also measures your 24-hour cortisol rhythm. This test tells your practitioner:

  • If you have adrenal fatigue (HPA-D)
  • The specific type of HPA-D you have, from these variables:
    • Free cortisol levels
    • Metabolized cortisol levels
    • Metabolized cortisone levels
    • DHEA and DHEAs levels
    • Cortisol rhythm looks over 24 hours

Why test for adrenal fatigue at all?

You may have thought you have adrenal fatigue and tried various things to help. Unfortunately, with guessing rather than testing, what you do or take may not be on target with your specific HPA-D pattern. You may be wasting your money or you may be treating yourself inappropriately. For example:

  • You may be taking something that lowers cortisol when you need more.
  • You may need more or less cortisol during certain times of day, and not be gearing your treatment in the right direction, at the right time of day.
  • Herbs that work on the HPA axis have different properties according to the herb. You don’t know if the herb matches your presentation. It may be too stimulating or too sedating.
  • It’s possible you don’t have HPA-D at all, and your symptoms have a different root cause! I see this on a regular basis.

Functional practitioners who use the DUTCH adrenal hormone test look for specific patterns of HPA-D, not adrenal fatigue. We recognize that adrenal function is part of a complex neuroendocrine system, controlled by your brain. We assess how this entire system functions.

In essence, why do this test? If your HPA axis is dsyfunctional, it will affect all of your neuroendocrine systems: thyroid, insulin, sex hormones, energy production, and your brain. With the specific results of this test, you can fine-tune your treatment. You can find out what interventions to use for sleep, stress, and energy.

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  1. I would like to learn if Dutch test applied in Paris, do you analyse it in Paris or or do you send it to USA?

    1. Yes, the Dutch test is available in Paris – you pay to have it shipped there, then you are responsible for shipping samples back to the U.S., because the lab is only in the U.S. But absolutely you can do it from France as well as most countries.

  2. How much is fee for the:


    and is it the same or different from the:

    Free Cortisol Pattern – Cortisol Metabolites – Estrogen
    Estrogen Metabolites – Progesterone – Testosterone
    Androgen Metabolites – Melatonin – Organic Acids
    Neurotransmitter Metabolites

    Thank you, I’m very interested.

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