Functional Medicine for Autoimmune Health


Since you’re here, you likely have one or more autoimmune conditions and you’re interested in safe and natural approaches to help you get better. You may have logged in many hours searching for answers on the internet or tried a one-size-fits-all approach from a book or two. Perhaps you feel overwhelmed and tired, and you wonder what healing steps are right for you.

Take a breath, and relax. We got your back. Here you get to stop endlessly trying to figure out how to get your health back on your own. You’re right to seek holistic solutions to autoimmunity and out-of-control inflammation because they exist. However you’re an individual, and your recovery journey needs to be tailored to you. This is what we do here. We use functional medicine testing and protocols, all personalized to you.

When you work with us, you can trust an autoimmune expert who walks you through the essential steps toward wellness. Through 20+ years of working with hundreds of women, Laura has discovered that these are the necessary steps to control inflammation and stop autoimmunity in its tracks. You may reduce or go off medication. Signs, symptoms, and lab markers of your autoimmune condition may disappear. These steps are the path toward remission, freedom from debilitating inflammation, and better future health outcomes.

Functional Medicine for autoimmune health

Laura takes the time to listen and work with me on realistic goals.

“Working with Laura, I have a better understanding about what’s good for my autoimmunity concerns. In my late 20s, Laura was the first to point out my Hashimotos when no other doctor had ever done that. Autoimmunity issues are so prevalent and Laura helps to not only educate, but also works with me at my pace. She is understanding and, unlike other medical professionals, she takes the time to listen and work with me on realistic goals.”
Dr. Laura’s 3 steps to stop inflammation and reverse autoimmunity:
  • HEAL YOUR DRIVERS OF INFLAMMATION (poor sleep, unmitigated stress, over/under exercise, chronic viral infections, allergies, blood sugar dysregulation, congested lymphatics, hormone imbalance, toxins, etc).
  • IMPROVE YOUR NUTRITION & GUT HEALTH (target food sensitivities, adopt anti-inflammatory foods, optimize your gut microbiome, treat leaky gut, improve digestion, and correct nutrient deficiencies). We do this in the beginning and then on an annual basis, even if you don’t have gut symptoms.
  • REGULATE YOUR T-CELLS WITH THE RIGHT SUPPLEMENTS (in part this means increasing T regulatory cells and decreasing TH 17 cells, but it also means balancing TH1 and TH2 cells). This is Dr. Laura’s area of expertise.

Laura is the person you’ve been looking for!

“I started working with Laura about 15 years ago and shortly after that, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. Laura has been nothing but amazing over the past 15 years in helping me get into remission. She is extremely knowledgeable in everything related to autoimmunity and women’s health and she’s been a crucial part of how I’ve been able to stay in remission for many years. Laura really cares about whether a suggestion she has works and is great at pivoting when anything changes. She doesn’t over-prescribe supplements and only suggests testing when she really thinks it will help you. I always trust that Laura has the most current health information and she really cares about her patients. Over the years, I’ve recommended Laura to many of my friends, who’ve all loved working with her as well.  I can’t say enough wonderful things about Laura. She’s amazing to work with and I’m so thankful to her for having such a passion about autoimmune diseases. If you’re struggling with an autoimmune disease, Laura is the person you’ve been looking for!”

Functional Medicine Monthly Healing Plan

Laura recommends that autoimmune patients sign up for her monthly healing plan for the best results. This is an opportunity to work closely, get coaching and support between appointments, and have accountability. She has a three-month minimum, and it starts on the day of your first appointment. Three months won’t cover all the steps above, but it’s enough to get underway and see big changes! After that, you can work on a month-to-month basis. You can start with a free discovery call to see if this plan is a fit for you. Each month you work with Laura includes:

  • A private functional medicine appointment, where we take a deep dive into your health journey, collect data from labs, and design protocols that fit you.
  • A written health plan with your homework action steps for the month.
  • Coaching and support in between appointments on a private messaging portal.

Laura also offers single consultations for those who prefer to come as needed. Single consultations do not include coaching, support, and messaging between appointments. They do include a review of your case & labs before each appointment and a written health plan after.

Fees: The monthly healing plan is $350 for the first month, and consecutive months are $250. Single consultations are $350.

Dr. Laura is an Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner who specializes in the intersection of autoimmunity, inflammation, and female hormones. She works with women across the United States in single consults or in monthly programs. Book a free discovery call to talk about her monthly program.