Functional Whole30


Certified Whole30® Coach Kirsten Redding and Functional Medicine Practitioner Dr. Laura Paris team up to give you a unique food reset experience, in a live interactive format.

People experience transformative results (read our reviews!) such as:

  • Experience how your body feels on simple, nutrient-dense, real food.
  • During re-introduction, identify the foods that don’t agree with YOU.
  • Radically reduce inflammation and stop autoimmune flares.
  • Detox, clean out, and lose the bloat. Many people also lose weight but this is NOT a weight loss diet.
  • Try out a “clean Paleo” way of eating and feel what it’s all about.
  • Free yourself from the effects of sugar and alcohol.
  • Reduce “hormonal” symptoms like PMS, period pain, and hot flashes.
  • Feel secure and motivated with help from compassionate, experienced guides.
  • Benefit from peer support and accountability.
  • Apply hacks for blood sugar regulation and gut health.
  • Involve your family and friends in the process. Whole30® is for Whole Families!

Read the Whole30® Rules for more details about what is and is not included in a Whole30® reset, next group begins JANUARY 5th, 2023.

Why is this Functional Whole30® program extra special?

It’s live and interactive, and you have two guides: a Whole30® Coach and a Functional Medicine nutritionist!

Kirsten Redding is a Certified Whole30® Coach. She is proud that she conquered her autoimmune disease (Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis) primarily through food. She is a strong advocate of feeding ourselves and our families healthy, easy, tasty, and beautiful food. Kirsten brings love and motivation to her coaching.

Laura Paris is a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner and Nutrition Consultant with a passion for food-as-medicine. Laura specializes in hormone and immune health and is proud that she reversed her aggressive autoimmune disease (Rheumatoid Arthritis) primarily through food. She is thrilled to offer this program to her patients and to everyone who is ready to up their health with ancestral nutrition.

What we offer together . . .

  • A dedicated Whole30 expert who guides, motivates, inspires, educates, and supports you. Kirsten’s meal plans are yummy and easy, and she has a wealth of resources and tips.
  • A nutrition expert who helps you learn how to eat to balance blood sugar and reverse autoimmunity. Laura is a huge advocate of harnessing your health and vitality with every bite you eat.

The Schedule


  • Devour our prep lessons which guide you through everything you need to know and do to get ready.
  • Join our private Facebook group to get personal support and meet your crew.
  • Meet with us on a live Zoom a couple of days before we start the actual 30 days so you can hit the ground running with all questions answered.


  • Enjoy four weekly lessons loaded with content, including three weeks of Kirsten’s custom meal plans.
  • Hop onto Facebook to share food photos, interact, chat, and get personal support.
  • Join Kirsten and Laura on two live small group Zoom meetings, to receive coaching and get your questions answered.


  • Take an extra 10 days to review all the rich content and downloads from the past 40 days.
  • Use the Facebook group to report your individual responses to food, and discuss your path forward into Food Freedom.
  • Join us in the future to repeat this experience at 50% off.

Zoom sessions are on Saturdays 10-11 am PST, next group begins January 5th 2023.

This program is based on the Whole30® approach

Kirsten Redding has led Whole30® Reset groups for over 7 years and is a certified Whole30® Coach. We use the official Whole30® resources created by Melissa Urban.

Our Participants Say


  • 10 days of preparation instruction, tips, and live support before the Whole30 so you’re ready to hit the ground running with your team and two coaches.
  • Rich educational content that goes beyond the Whole30, about why we are doing this, gut and immune health, and food freedom beyond the program – delivered at a digestible pace over 6 segments.
  • Three weeks of Kirsten’s delicious original meal plans, shopping lists, tips, and recipes. In the final week plus two days, you have our support to do it your way!
  • Private Facebook group to share daily food photos, recipes, successes, and struggles. Direct access to both Kirsten and Laura on this group for limitless questions and support over 50 days.
  • Three live zoom meetings for support and coaching. We limit enrollment to keep these meetings intimate and personal. The topics vary each time and are based on your personal experience and quesitons.
  • Handholding for 10 days on Facebook to support you through food reintroduction post the 30 days of Whole30.


Kirsten Redding is a certified Whole30 coach. She has led Whole30 online support groups for seven years and uses this food approach personally. Kirsten has three boys under seven, and after her second pregnancy, she was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s autoimmune thyroid disease. She manages this diagnosis with a food-first approach.

For Kirsten, Whole30 is about getting in touch with what many humans are disconnected from – working with whole foods, preparing meals, eating seasonally, and reading labels. Kirsten explains that this way of eating has nothing to do with weight loss or societal expectations. Rather, it’s about connecting to the rhythm of cooking and consuming food to heal and maintain optimal health. She loves helping other individuals and families achieve the same goal.

Laura Paris is an Acupuncture Doctor and a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner and Nutrition Consultant. She specializes in hormone, gut, and immune health. Laura has long been an advocate of “Paleo” ancestral food and nutrition. This approach has allowed her to squash her aggressive RA into remission, as well as reduce and eliminate her son’s thyroid autoantibodies.

Laura is passionate about harnessing and reversing autoimmunity. She is in her third year of advanced mentorship in Functional Immunology. Laura is grateful to team up with Kirsten because she brings Laura’s patient health plans to life with love, coaching, and practical kitchen and meal plan tools to help individuals and families change habits.

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