Functional Whole 30 Program.



Certified Whole30® Coach Kirsten Redding and Functional Medicine Practitioner Dr. Laura Paris team up to give you a unique food reset experience.

What is a Whole30® Reset?

During a Whole30® reset you prepare and eat whole and unprocessed (real) food for 30 days. Specifically, this includes meat, seafood, and eggs; vegetables and fruit; natural fats; and herbs, spices, and seasonings. For these 30 days you also eliminate foods found to cause inflammation, emotional eating, or poor health outcomes for many people. This includes milk products except for ghee, beans, grains, all types of sugar and sweeteners, and most processed and refined foods. At the end of the 30 days you gradually reintroduce foods you eliminated and track how they affect you. Your guides Kirsten and Laura are 100% behind Whole30® and use it as a template for their own families year-round. They team up to lead live Whole30® groups to help others discover the benefits of this approach. People experience transformative results (read our reviews!) such as:

  • Experience how your body feels on simple, nutrient-dense, real food.
  • During re-introduction, identify the foods that don’t agree with you as an individual.
  • Radically reduce inflammation, and stop autoimmune processes.
  • Detox, clean out, and lose the bloat. Many people also lose weight but this is NOT a weight loss diet.
  • Try out a “clean Paleo” way of eating and feel what it’s all about.
  • Break-up with sugar and alcohol.
  • Nix PMS and period pain, a common side effect!
  • Feel secure and motivated with help from compassionate and experienced guides.
  • Benefit from the peer support and accountability.
  • Apply hacks for blood sugar regulation, improved gut microbiome, and reversing autoimmune disease.
  • Involve your partner and kids in the process. Whole30® is for Whole Families!

Read the Whole30® Rules for more details about what is and is not included in a Whole30® reset.

Why is this Functional Whole30® program extra special?

A hands-on guided food program with Whole30® Coach Kirsten Redding and Functional Medicine Practitioner Dr. Laura Paris

Kirsten Redding is a certified Whole30® coach. She is proud that she conquered her autoimmune disease (Hashimoto's Thyroiditis) primarily through food. She is a strong advocate of feeding ourselves and our families healthy, easy, tasty, and beautiful food. Kirsten brings love and motivation to her coaching.

Laura Paris is a Functional Medicine Practitioner and Certified Nutrition Consultant with a passion for food-as-medicine. Laura specializes in hormone and immune health and is proud that she reversed her aggressive autoimmune disease (Rheumatoid Arthritis) primarily through food. She is thrilled to offer this program to her patients and to everyone who is ready to up their health with ancestral nutrition.

What we offer together . . .

  • A dedicated Whole30 expert who guides, motivates, inspires, educates, and supports you. Kirsten's meal plans are yummy and easy, and she has a wealth of resources and tips.
  • A nutrition expert who helps you learn how to eat to balance blood sugar and reverse autoimmunity. Laura is a huge advocate of harnessing your health and vitality with every bite you eat.

The January 2022 Schedule

10 PREP DAYS (Dec 31-Jan 9)

  • Learn how to log onto the program site, where our lessons guide you through everything you need to know and do to gear up for this experience.
  • Join our private Facebook group and get to know us and your cohort.
  • Meet with us live on Zoom in a small intimate group for questions, support, and interaction.

30 DAY RESET (Jan 10-Feb 8)

  • Log in to the program site for lesson content that is released daily.
  • Hop onto Facebook to share food photos, interact, and get coaching from Kirsten.
  • Join us for two Zoom meetings, for live support and interaction.
  • Meetup on Facebook lives for Kirsten's kitchen tips.

10 DAY RE-INTRO (Feb 9-18)

  • Take an extra 10 days to review the previous 40 days of lesson content.
  • Use the Facebook group for support and coching.
  • Meet up on a final Zoom meeting to seal your path forward into Food Freedom.
  • Join us in the future in our ongoing support groups or to repeat the 30 days.

Zoom sessions are on Saturdays 10-11 am PST: January 8 & 22 and February 5 & 19

This program is based on the Whole30® approach

Melissa Urban created Whole30. We use her resources for this reset. We recommend her website and these resources:

Whole30 Books  and @whole30recipes

Kirsten Redding has led Whole30 Reset groups for over 7 years and is is a certified Whole30 Coach. 

Our Participants Say


"I have loved participating in Kirsten's Whole30 group. She was always available and very encouraging. Living in a different time zone is hard but this made me feel closer to her. The biggest benefits of being a participant in the group have been more energy and connection with the other women. I would 100% recommend this to others because it works!"


"I have loved being in Kirsten's groups! I really needed that motivation and accountability from the group. I tried to do it myself the first time and it was definitely amazing having the group!
Kirsten creates so many great dishes and her photography is phenomenal so I was incredibly inspired. What I liked most about being a part of the Whole30 reset was Kirsten inspiring me on some of my own dishes. I seriously credit Whole 30 for most of my cooking skills! I feel like I cook Whole30 compliant meals better than any dish!
I am a firm believer in everything Whole30 after just a few days of starting my first 30 days. I have known about Whole30 for about 4 years now and have tried to incorporate it in everyday life as much as possible. I am completely convinced it is the best way to eat for my body. I am down 70 lb since finding out about Whole30 and slowly making changes even when not in a Whole30 cycle.
I have seen major improvements in my medical issues and definitely notice when I revert back to old habits. I have now gotten to the point in my life where I love jumping back on to a reset even if it is just for a day. I honestly don't look at it as a diet anymore, it is just the way I eat."


"I love Kirsten's encouragement! The biggest benefits I felt from participating in this group were better sleep and weight loss! I was never hungry!"


"Kirsten is a natural coach and so supportive. I really appreciate the time she puts into this. I like her positivity, responsiveness, enthusiasm, and enjoyment of the process. I like how she emphasizes working towards cooking from a base of ingredients that rotates a bit with the seasons. Before my first Whole30, I was super intimidated but desperate to feel better. Each subsequent reset has felt easier and easier and the effects last longer. I know now that the initial input and difficulty is so worth it, in the end, to have to freedom to make healthy choices."


"Kirsten inspires me to do better with my food choices and I really appreciate her setting up Whole30 support systems. I learn something every time I complete a round and this helps me build better eating habits!"


"I was nervous to do this. Now, I’m nervous to go off it!

The Facebook page was useful and I really found the Zoom calls helpful. I didn't feel alone. I felt like I could contact both of you for help and support.

I lost 11 pounds, and I’m at a new set point to continue to lose weight and make better choices. My energy is steadier, my moods more stable, the aging spots on my face lightened. Many of my symptoms improved: tinnitus, irritability, sinuses, brain fog.

This great program has lots of support and information, you both are responsive and real, this is a great opportunity to reset."


"Before I did this program I had inflammation. I’m now feeling better. I really enjoyed the food and the recipes. I would recommend this to others!"


"During this program, I had less hunger and irritability, and better sleep. It did not feel like I was on a diet. I lost a few pounds as well!

I would recommend this to others because of the support, accountability, and educational resources – all are fantastic reminders as to “why” we do this."



"Before I did this program I thought it would be challenging to eliminate foods, especially grains and legumes. I was curious to see how restrictive I would find the diet to be, and if I would see/feel any results. I really felt good overall, no bloating or stomach aches, and slept like a baby!

I liked the accountability, the mix of professional information and advice from you two, and the support and sharing in the Facebook group.

I think most people in the Western world would benefit from a dietary reset like this. Many have probably got used to their stomach issues without knowing they could be caused by food."


"Before this program, it seemed like so long without my latte. I did it! I can live without so many things I thought I needed. I liked feeling trimmer and losing a few extra pounds. I would recommend this program – it is so beneficial for overall health!"


"I was a bit dubious about this program, but also hopeful that I would find some relief and lose weight. It was easier and more freeing than I had thought it would be. I attribute that in many ways to the group approach.

I especially liked that I stopped berating myself for what I was eating. I felt nourished more often. I had very little gas, and I livened up the variety of fruits and veggies from the old standards.

I enjoyed the way I felt and the support that was made available by the group leaders and the other women. I also appreciated the accountability factor. I would recommend this to others. The support was key and having such expert guides to illuminate the path and answer questions was incredibly helpful."


"This was my first Whole30, I didn’t know what to expect. I liked the inspiration and accountability to stick to it! And recipe ideas. I learned new recipes, that I’m keeping in my weekly/monthly rotation! I would most definitely recommend this! The resources and recipes provided were so helpful and inspiring."


"I thought this program would be more stressful than it was during Covid. I went in with a different mental state and it was easier than I expected. The best part was the support and being able to ask questions as needed. The biggest benefit was more energy. I would recommend this because it’s a great way to figure out how foods are affecting your body and energy levels."


"I’ve done the Whole30 twice before so I knew what to expect. Here the accountability, daily online check-ins and structure helped with the accountability piece I was lacking the two times I’ve done it solo. The benefits I received this time were no more cramping, gas and significantly reduced diarrhea. This is a great elimination program for figuring out food sensitivities. It can also provide a reset if you’ve gone off the shitty eating cliff. Thanks for your support!"


"Before I did this I really was a blank slate. I knew nothing of what Whole30 really meant but was intrigued and hopeful that it could have a meaningful and positive impact on my eating habits and life. My hopes were fulfilled! I experienced a removal of cravings, control of my mind and appetite, boost in energy, stability (no mood swings and reduced anxiety), and losing 15 lbs definitely doesn’t hurt!

This changed my entire outlook on food in such a short period of time. 30 days seems like a lot, but it flew by and made me realize that this approach to food and eating so much more sustainable than I imagined. Everybody should give themselves the opportunity to feel this amazing! The content was perfect, I loved the Zoom meetings, and on Facebook, I really enjoyed the sense of community and it helped a lot knowing everybody was a message away."


"I had heard Whole30 was really hard and awful. While it was work (lots of planning, prepping, cooking) it wasn’t that hard. There is such a short period of time when you don’t feel well, but I understood it was detox. Overall I’m just so impressed.

I experienced increased energy, libido, and decreased bloating and perimenopausal symptoms. I would absolutely recommend this program. The support, meal planning, and education are what makes it so easy to be successful."


"Before doing this I thought that I would be starving for 30 days. I was also nervous about the extra time in the kitchen. That one did turn out to be hard for me but 4 weeks later that has gotten easier as I’ve found better tricks to prep for my family. At first, I was truly hungry at mealtimes but not uncomfortable. I was eating nuts and either raisins or applesauce after dinner so that I wouldn’t feel starving throughout the night but now I find that I don’t need that. The meal plan/grocery list takes time but my husband and I agreed that it is worth it to take that time each week rather than winging it. I liked the meal plans, the grocery lists, the quick snack ideas, the sense of community, the Zoom meetings to ask questions, and the fact that other people were experiencing the same successes and challenges as me.

I'd recommend this program! I think this is more than a reset for gut health. It is a kitchen/cooking/organizational challenge that leaves you feeling empowered and in control of your entire week."


  • Daily topics to educate and inspire you.
  • Coaching from Kirsten on the Facebook group.
  • Bonus 10 days of preparation before the reset so you feel ready.
  • Weekly meal plans and recipes.
  • Laura's nutrition and functional medicine teachings on elimination diets, immune and gut health, fasting, and blood sugar regulation.
  • Private Facebook group to share photos, successes, and struggles.
  • An additional 10 days of support on Facebook after the Whole30 to support you through food reintroduction.
  • Direct access to both of us, on Facebook and Zoom, for your questions and to personally support you.
  • Kirsten's bonus Facebook lives for meal prep tips.
  • Four live zoom meetings for support and interaction. We limit enrollment to keep these meetings intimate and personal. 



Kirsten Redding is a certified Whole30 coach. She has led Whole30 online support groups for seven years and uses this food approach personally. Kirsten has three boys under seven, and after her second pregnancy, she was diagnosed with Hashimoto's autoimmune thyroid disease. She manages this diagnosis with a food-first approach.

For Kirsten, Whole30 is about getting in touch with what many humans are disconnected from - working with whole foods, preparing meals, eating seasonally, and reading labels. Kirsten explains that this way of eating has nothing to do with weight loss or societal expectations. Rather, it’s about connecting to the rhythm of cooking and consuming food to heal and maintain optimal health. She loves helping other individuals and families achieve the same goal.

Laura Paris is an Acupuncture Doctor and a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner and Nutrition Consultant. She specializes in hormone, gut, and immune health. Laura has long been an advocate of "Paleo" ancestral food and nutrition. This approach has allowed her to squash her aggressive RA into remission, as well as reduce and eliminate her son's thyroid autoantibodies.

Laura is passionate about harnessing and reversing autoimmunity. She is in her third year of advanced mentorship in Functional Immunology. Laura is grateful to team up with Kirsten because she brings Laura's patient health plans to life with love, coaching, and practical kitchen and meal plan tools to help individuals and families change habits.