Herbal Elixirs for Today’s Conditions

Herbal medicine can be powerfully effective and free from side effects. However, in order for this to work the herbs need to be sourced properly, absorbed well, and matched to your constitution and diagnosis. Dr. Google and random internet shops are probably not going to provide this for you. In fact, you run the risk of taking poor-quality products that are ineffective, unsafe, or simply not right for your needs and your body.

The safest way to use herbal medicine is to work with a licensed herbalist who can deisgn the right herbal formula for you – that fits you, won’t cause side effects or interact with medications you take, and is from a clean source without undesirable fillers or additives.

In terms of delivery, many licensed herbalists like me prefer liquid over capsules for better absorption. This method bypasses the fuss of swallowing and breaking down tablets and capsules. Alcohol-decocted tinctures are especially potent because you can easily absorb the herbs through the mucus membranes in your mouth and digestive tract.

My herbal elixirs

You may know that I blend tinctures for women’s hormone and cycle issues using the Conceivable line. I also make formulas that address common conditions in my practice, for all genders and ages. This service is for current patients, however, if you aren’t a patient and want to just get herbs, you can become a patient by booking an herbal consult.

Beyond women’s cycle and hormone balance, my specialties are formulas for stress, moods, energy, and immunity. The beauty of these elixirs is that you don’t just have to choose one theme to focus on. I can customize and blend tinctures to take care of all your needs. And, they can change as you change. Check out my menu of common formula themes below, and if you have concerns not listed and want to know if Chinese herbal medicine can help, please reach out!

Emotional wellbeing

  • Zen: calm your nervous system and reduce anxiety.
  • Uplift: raise a depressed, sad, or irritable mood.
  • Love: relax, open your heart, and get in the mood for love.

Physical wellbeing

  • Sleep: reduce cortisol, release worries, and drop into a deeper sleep state.
  • Relief: release pain specific to the upper body (neck/shoulders/arms), lower body (hips/low back/legs) or pelvis area (endometriosis/cysts/periods).
  • Energy: tonics and adaptogens that raise energy and help your resiliency during trying stressful times.
  • Digest: assists the breakdown of food, improves elimination and gets rid of bloating.

Immune system

  • Protect: prevent allergies, nasal and sinus congestion, smoke damage, or viral infections.
  • Recover: heals from smoke or respiratory damage after an infection.
  • Breathe: open up your nose when you can’t breathe because of congestion.
  • Defend: treat acute respiratory infections, colds, flu, and viruses.
  • Break Free From TH2: Directs your immune system out of a chronic Th2 dominance (infections and inflammation in spaces like lungs, sinuses, vagina, bladder, gut, as well as all chronic infections, mold toxins, histamine intolerance).

How to order

If you’re a current patient, you can book a return patient herbal consult to get a custom formula. Pick herbs up in person in Monterey or Aptos, or receive them via priority mail anywhere in the U.S. If you’re a new patient, book a new patient herbal consult.

Questions? Please ask below, or contact us.

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