Let’s Ditch the Diet Talk for Good!


At the beginning of 2021, I combed through my social media, website, and blogs, and deleted all content that refers to women and:

  • Food restriction for no valid reason
  • Diets, cleanses, and food resets for no medical reason
  • Weight loss that isn’t related to a medical problem (such as weight loss resistance due to perimenopause hormone changes, low thyroid, high cortisol, or insulin resistance)

Why am I doing this? 

I’ve been devouring the plethora of research on how these things, even in the name of health and wellness, perpetuate disordered eating and UNwellness for most women. I’m relearning the history of our culture’s obsession with external standards for how women’s bodies are supposed to be (thin, toned, young, etc)., and how oppressive these standards are for women – especially women of color and women with diverse bodies. As a women’s studies graduate from 1987 and a lifelong feminist, none of this is new to me. However, what IS new for me is the realization that as a health provider I do not want my content to perpetuate this messaging.

I have many women to thank for kicking my butt in this area, including the women age 16-21 that I have been honored to work with in 2020. I’ve had a lot of them, and I LOVE working with this age group of women who are our future. I am committed to young girls and women not growing up with the same baggage that girls of my generation received.

Ditch the food police

I am also committed to helping women of all ages unwind the food messages that research shows are destructive, including:

  • The BMI myth – that you must have a certain BMI to be healthy, which is not true. In fact it’s entirely possible to be healthy (or unhealthy) at any size.
  • Labeling food as inherently good and bad – in truth, the only “bad” food is food that is spoiled or rotten. 
  • Everyone needs to fast – enough already! I can’t count the women I saw in 2020 who said “but I fast 16 hours a day, how come I can’t lose weight?” 
  • Restricting food for no valid reason – from AIP to keto to vegan to what their last practitioner told them to do…. I saw a record number of women in 2020 who were severely restricting food based on health theories rather than what their bodies told them.

All of these run a high risk of creating disordered eating, including feeling bad about food desires, thinking too much about food, and feast or famine behavior (this is when food restriction causes binge eating or overeating before and after the restriction).

In 2021 I am 100% committed to changing my approach with women and food. I am taking classes and workshops in Food Freedom, Intuitive Eating, and anti-racism for health practitioners. I will not hesitate to bring race and societal issues up in regard to women, health, and food – because these ARE interconnected. 

Gentle nutrition without rigid diets

I am passionate about nutrition. However moving forward, my nutrition work will take a radical turn. It will include rooting out the messages that women have (all women) to strive for a certain body type while feeling bad about themselves in the process. I will no longer be complicit in perpetuating this.

What I WILL do is help women develop radical acceptance for their bodies, and self-care, by tuning in – not out. This means dimming the external messages and amplifying the internal ones. I will use GENTLE nutrition to help women get stronger and healthier and more expansive with food choices.

Weight loss can happen as a result (or side effect) of gentle nutrition and tuning in, but any sole offerings of weight loss or weight regulation are now off my menu. We have far more important things to accomplish, like healing our relationship with food, learning to be strong women, and showing up in the world.

If this doesn’t jive with you, you can decide to unsubscribe now, or stick around and see what’s to come. If you are thinking “HELL YEAH!!” then please share this post with like-minded (or open to being like-minded) women in your lives.

Reclaim Your Hormones

This groundbreaking new program that starts in the summer of 2021 is a nurturing, non-diet program, for women of all shapes and sizes, to harness insulin, cortisol, and the four phases of your menstrual cycle. It’s a 12-week experiential program where you can choose a self-serve DIY version or a full serve patient version.

This program will absolutely encompass gentle nutrition with no rigid food plan or diet imposed upon you. You get to choose your own favorite foods, enjoy pleasure and satiety from food, while gently exploring how food affects you. This is not by measuring weight, calories, or body size. Instead, we will gently tune in to meaningful data such as your blood sugar, energy, mood, mental clarity, and satisfaction.

If you’re aligned with these ideas, I invite you to join me!

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