PCOS Supplement Protocol


This PCOS protocol is designed to supply your ovaries and hormones with all the nutrients they need to function optimally. These evidence-based products are what I use with my female patients. The Reclaim Your Hormones Program gets way more individualized with your supplement protocol, as it’s based on your lab results, and includes a step-by-step approach to eat, sleep, and relax your way to hormone balance. This is a 12-week experiential program where you assess and balance insulin, cortisol, and the four phases of your menstrual cycle. Choose the self-serve DIY version or the full-serve patient version.


These are my favorite supplements to heal PCOS. The Twice Daily Essentials give your body all the vitamins, fatty acids, and herbs you need for healthy cycles. Inositol and the berberine are for women needing help with blood sugar balance and insulin resistance, which is most women with PCOS. TestoQuench is to subdue testosterone excess, with symptoms of unwanted hair growth and acne.

PLEASE consult your health provider before taking any supplements.

1. Women’s Twice Daily Essential Packets

For women with PCOS, I use the Women’s Twice-Daily Essential Packets as foundational support. Learn more about why I use these. Each packet contains:

  • 1 Twice-Daily Multi™ capsule
  • 2 OsteoForce™ capsules
  • 1 OmegAvail™ Synergy gelcap
  • 2 FemGuard + Balance™ capsules

1 packet with breakfast and 1 with dinner.

Some women need more vitamin D, which is crucial for hormone balance. Test your D once a year, and aim for serum levels of 25OH between 60-80 ng/mL

2. Inositil as Sensitol™

I’ve written a whole blog post about inositol, the “ovary vitamin.” Hands-down, it’s my favorite for all women with PCOS. There’s good evidence supporting myoinositol combined with d-chiro inositol in a 40:1 ratio. Inositol helps your whole body, and specifically your ovaries, process glucose. This is key for PCOS because most women with PCOS have dysglycemia (an imbalance in glucose handling). My favorite inositol is Sensitol® because it has myo, d-chiro, and also a third ingredient called alpha-lipoic acid which is a key player for glucose management.

2 caps when you wake up and before bed.

2. Berberine as Berb-Evail™

Berb-Evail™ contains a special extract of berberine in a highly available delivery form. Berberine is a magical yellow herbal substance that comes from a variety of bitter plants. Berberine regulates insulin, including in the theca cells of the ovaries, as three studies demonstrate. It can also bring about a reduction of abdominal fat and regulate cholesterol. Berb-Evail™ has a superior absorption format that won’t upset your digestion or gut microbiome.

1 cap with breakfast and with dinner.

4. TestoQuench for Women

TestoQuench is highly useful if you have symptoms of high androgens such as acne, hair loss from your head, and male pattern hair growth. In particular, this formula has herbs that block the enzyme that turns your healthy testosterone into a more aggressive androgenic type. This formula works!

1 capsule with breakfast and 1 with dinner.

Chinese medicine

Chinese medicine is what brought me to be a women’s health specialist. If you have access to acupuncture, it’s highly beneficial for regulating cycles and promoting ovulation. Chinese herbal formulas can be custom blended to support the needs of your own menstrual cycle.

Get more specific PMS supplement advice tailored to YOU, based on your labs, in my Reclaim Your Hormones program.

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