Reclaim Your Hormones Program

Are you ready to…

RECLAIM a healthy, fertile, and no-fuss menstrual cycle, without the pill?

BALANCE your blood sugar, insulin, and cholesterol with a non-diet approach?

RESTORE your vital energy, deep sleep, and a calm response to stress?

If so, here’s a solution designed especially for you….

Reclaim Your Hormones

A 12-Week Functional Hormone Balance Program

Starts June 6, 2021
sex & reproductive hormones, blood sugar & insulin, and cortisol and adrenals

Are you a woman with a menstrual cycle who wants to get the right lab tests and then balance your hormones in all the natural ways possible?

Dr. Laura Paris sitting at acupuncture office in Monterey.

I’m Dr. Laura Paris, and for 20 years, I’ve helped women reclaim their natural hormone balance and healthy menstrual cycles, from the inside-out.

This includes ALL your hormones: sex and reproductive, thyroid and adrenal, and the hormones that regulate weight, blood sugar, appetite, and insulin.

Why all these hormones? Because they are deeply interconnected.

Have you told your doctor about your hormone symptoms and were met with…

  • A blank stare or a lecture that your symptoms are “normal” and you just have to live with them?
  • An offer for birth control pills, an antidepressant, or another prescription that may mask your symptoms but not solve them?

If so, you are not alone! I hear stories from women around the world on a regular basis, of how they have suffered from symptoms they know are not “normal,” and could not get the right tests and solutions they were seeking.

Symptoms like . . .

  • PMS with bloating, headaches, or mood swings
  • Painful or heavy periods
  • Perimenopause hot flashes and weight gain
  • Blood sugar highs and lows
  • Annual labs that come back with high cholesterol or triglycerides
  • Not able to get pregnant for no medical reason
  • Low energy, poor sleep, and high stress

Did you know that it’s entirely possible to have a healthy no-fuss menstrual cycle right up until menopause?

It’s true! Here’s what it looks like:

  • Your whole cycle lasts 28-32 days, on a regular rhythm
  • You ovulate on day 14 with abundant cervical mucus
  • You have no PMS (bye-bye breast tenderness, irritability, bloating, etc.), and you’re surprised when you start your period if you’re not paying attention to the calendar.
  • During your period you bleed for four days, with no cramping, clotting, or spotting. You don’t need painkillers or heating pads or have to miss work. 

Healthy periods are the dream for many women, and they can be a reality for you. All of your hormone rhythms and body systems are interconnected, and when your deeper or“higher up” hormones are nicely balanced, menstrual cycles and sex hormones often fall right into place. Sounds nice, right?

So why hasn’t this been possible for you already? You may have suspected that your hormone systems are connected. You may have listened to the podcasts and learned things like blood sugar balance relates to PMS, and adrenal hormone dysregulation can cause anxiety, insomnia, and low energy. You know there’s a connection and you want help to connect the dots that matter for you.

This is what all the women I work with individually tell me, that they are tired of diagnosing themselves from Google and books and blogs, and they just want someone who will finally test their hormones, assess them properly, and tell them what to do on their own to take charge.

My mission is to provide this for you.

Imagine being able to feel great in your body every day, all month long, without annoying or debilitating hormone symptoms!

With functional medicine, we get to the root of hormone imbalances so you can truly heal, instead of masking symptoms that could worsen over time.

So you can feel…

  • In control of your hormones and cycles
  • Comfortable and happy in your body
  • Energized all day long
  • Present for your amazing life, and for the people you love

If this sounds like a vibrant version of you that you could get used to, I’d like to introduce my groundbreaking program…

Reclaim Your Hormones

A 12-Week Functional Hormone Balance Program

Starts June 6, 2021
sex & reproductive hormones, blood sugar & insulin, and cortisol and adrenals

What symptoms are we talking abo

Reclaim Your Hormones is for women with menstrual cycles, designed by an expert with 20+ years of clinical experience in holistic women’s health. 

My approach combines tuning into your own mind-body signs and rhythms with evidence-based medicine and practical lab data.

This is a gentle, feel-good-in-your-body, nurturing, non-diet program, open to people of all sizes and backgrounds.

When I work with women individually, we always assess all hormones, including the higher-ups like insulin and cortisol. These two are significant influencers of your periods, cycles, and fertility. They have their own circadian rhythms, in tune with your eating, sleeping, relaxing, and all the rhythms of your day. 

There are nuanced, personal, and holistic solutions for reclaiming your cycle and your health that consider you as the entire human you are. You’ll find them right here in this program.

It is my promise to you that this program does NOT include:

  • Rigid diets or unrealistic food plans
  • Restricting foods for no proven reason
  • Overwhelming life overhauls
  • Stressing about your stress
  • Blame or judgment

Feeling full of energy and life every single day doesn’t have to be a health puzzle anymore, and it doesn’t have to turn your life upside down. I’ll help you put the pieces together so you can reclaim your cycle, your hormones, and your health.

How it works:

Through 3 experiential modules and 12 weeks, you’ll harness your hormones and reclaim your healthy and fertile menstrual cycle. You’ll do this by assessing and balancing insulin, cortisol, and the four phases of your menstrual cycle.

What’s included in all three modules:

Each week you’ll read or listen to 3 weekly lessons, with simple and accessible action steps. These steps include:

  • Tuning into your relevant mind-body signals: your appetite, pleasure, satisfaction, energy, mood, and mental clarity.
  • Gathering specific body info, like your temperature and your blood sugar.
  • Getting and assessing your blood chemistry labs.
  • Exploring gentle ways to release stress and experience deep relaxation.
  • Experimenting with food choices based on gentle nutrition guidelines, without a rigid meal plan or diet.

You’ll also receive downloads to use for your action steps that include:

  • 12 mind-body tracking logs, a different one for each week/module.
  • Food guides for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, beverages, and desserts.
  • Supplement protocols for daily needs and to self-treat your (hormone-related) symptoms and lab data. 
  • Guides to restore sleep and deep relaxation.

How to Sign Up

To give flexible options for different needs, we created two ways to join the 12-week Reclaim Your Hormones program: “Full-Serve” which is a small and personal patient group, and “Self-Serve” which is DIY. Full-Serve includes the entire 12-week program and you can choose one payment or a payment plan. Self-Serve participants can choose the entire 12-week program or select one 4-week module of interest (Reclaim Your Insulin, Reclaim Your Cortisol, and Reclaim Your Cycle). If you have any questions please contact us. Here is exactly what is included in both approaches:



  • A small supportive group, limited to 12 participants, become my patient
  • Access all the program content:
    • 3 lessons per week
    • Action steps
    • Downloadable guides
  • I order your blood labs and you can use insurance
  • A DUTCH Complete Hormone test is included at no extra charge ($399 value)
  • Join the community platform for daily interaction and support
  • Invited to 6 zoom coaching meetings where you can have your labs reviewed and get recommendations
$1887 or a payment plan which is three payments of $730

  • Independent DIY approach, or do it with family or friends
  • Access all the program content:
    • 3 lessons per week
    • Action steps
    • Downloadable guides
  • You learn what labs to order and how to order them on your own or through your provider
$447 for the entire 12-week program, or $187 for each 4-week module

What happens when you sign up

Sign up as early so that you can get your labs and prepare. Once you enroll, you’ll immediately receive instructions on how to access the program on a convenient app. On the app you’ll see:

  • An announcement that goes over how to prepare.
  • The blood work labs* we cover in this program (modules 1 and 3) and how to get them in advance.
  • Instructions on getting a blood sugar monitor (module 1) and a basal body thermometer* (module 3) and how to use them to collect body data.*
  • Full-Service members immediately get a patient intake form, bloodwork orders, and a complimentary DUTCH Complete Hormone test!

*Getting blood work labs, a blood sugar monitor, and a BBT thermometer is recommended, but not required for this program.

When the 12-week program starts, you’ll receive:

  • Three concise audio lessons (with transcriptions) per week.
  • A notification the day a new week’s lessons are released.
  • Instructions on interpreting your blood work lab results and the optimal functional ranges for these labs.
  • 12 downloadable mind-body tracking journals for each week.
  • Downloadable e-guides relevant to the lessons of the week.
  • Full-service members get:
  • An invitation to the social community where this class comes alive as we interact. You can meet the others, post photos, ask questions of me, and get support here.
  • Links to six small-group coaching sessions with me, and an opportunity to book a slot to review your lab work and receive recommendations.

Meet your Reclaim Your Hormones Guide

I’m Laura, a holistic women’s health clinician. I’m a doctor of Chinese medicine and acupuncture and certified in functional medicine and nutrition. I am also a certified Feldenkrais movement teacher, and soon to be a certified intuitive eating counselor.

I’ve been blessed to work with women for the past 20 years on cycles, hormones, and immune health. This program is inspired by what women seek help with – accurate hormone assessment and natural and holistic means to hormone balance.

Reclaiming your hormones does not always have to happen in private appointments or by reading a book on the subject. Research shows that habit changes work better in an experiential format and with social support. This program draws from my education and knowledge, clinical and life experience, and personal passion. I’m here to listen and discover exactly what’s making you feel off-balance in your body and your life. 

I can’t wait to give you the tools to balance your hormones and regulate your cycles, so you can be free to live your amazing and important life!

Not sure if this program is right for you?

You’ll benefit from this work if:

  • You have insulin resistance, blood sugar imbalance, adrenal fatigue, or cycle/period problems.
  • You’re ready to get to the underlying cause of your symptoms and try new things to feel better.
  • You want long-term results that you can sustain on your own.
  • You’re willing to invest time and resources in your health.
  • You believe Black Lives Matter, trans women are women, and align yourself with feminism.

This program is NOT be a good fit for you if:

  • You’re looking for a quick fix from pills or supplements alone.
  • You’re not ready to look deeper than the symptoms you’re experiencing.
  • You’re looking for a rigid diet to lose weight.
  • You have an active untreated eating disorder.

Take it from women who have reclaimed their hormones!

Are you ready to reclaim your hormones and feel energized and balanced in your body?

Join Reclaim Your Hormones Today!

We start on June 6 – signup early to have your labs back before day 1.