Acupuncture in Monterey and Capitola

Acupuncture is wonderful for de-inflaming the body, alleviating pain, and calming the mind. Laura specializes in the painless Matsumoto acupuncture method, which uses direct feedback from abdominal (hara) palpation to regulate your neuroendocrine-immune axis. The fine delicate needles stimulate your own pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory signaling hormones and neurotransmitters. Our goal is to restore your vital force (qi or “chi”) so your body and mind find harmony and alignment, and all your organ systems function optimally. 

Laura uses acupuncture to reduce pain and inflammation and calm down autoimmunity. She treats the emotional stress, digestive issues, fatigue, brain fog, allergies, and sinus issues that often come with a dysregulated immune system. Laura also has two decades of experience treating women’s reproductive health issues (irregular menstrual cycles, PMS, painful periods, infertility, pregnancy care, and perimenopause).

Appointments take place at two Monterey Bay Paris Healing Arts clinic locations: 820 Bay Ave in Capitola (Santa Cruz County) and 700 Cass St in downtown Monterey. Our clinics feel more like a spa than a medical office because they are designed for comfort and deep relaxation.


Initial visit is $145 • Return visits are $95 • Packages available for weekly visits • Learn about insurance for acupuncture