Phase 1-2-3 Functional Detox Program


If you’re feeling sluggish, foggy, or bloated, it might be time for a detox! Our annual Phase 1-2-3 Functional Detox Program is a safe and effective way to give your body a fresh start. This 28-day medically supervised program is designed to support the three detox phases performed by your liver, gallbladder, and intestines (gut). By following this program, you’ll learn how to optimize your body’s natural detoxification processes while refreshing and renewing these crucial organs. You can find more information about the three detox phases in this article, which explains the science behind each phase and how they work together to remove toxins and waste from your body.

Monique’s experience:

“The main reason I did the cleanse was to get me back on track, and the month has been long enough for it to become more habitual now. I don’t crave sweets and am snacking less. I have more energy. My mood has improved as well. I have lost about 5 lbs. My digestion has also improved. I recommend this program to others because it was easy to follow and nice to do in a group. I love Laura’s approach to wellness – making it fit into your lifestyle in an easy-to-follow way that makes it manageable and fun.” 

This group detox program takes place annually in January and includes everything you need:

  • All the supplements and functional food shake mixes required for this 28-day program
  • Gentle diet and lifestyle guides
  • Access to a private Slack group where you can learn more, ask questions, and get support throughout the 28 days
  • Invitations to three Zoom meetings for education and questions

Kimberly’s experience:

“I experienced an improvement in my energy, mood, and mental clarity, and I’m highly motivated to take better care of myself. I’d recommend this program to others because I think it’s good to reset your body. I appreciate being gently guided through this process. The group setting was enjoyable and I felt safe. Laura did an excellent job guiding us through the nutritional detox program. She was very responsive and provided really helpful information.”

Why is a combined liver-gut detox program important? 

Including the liver AND the gut in a detox program is crucial because they are equally important. Your liver transforms toxins (through Phases 1 and 2) and then packages waste products into your bile, which is stored in your gallbladder. When you eat fat, your gallbladder releases the bile into your gut, eventually eliminating it through stool (Phase 3). It’s essential to have a well-functioning GI tract and healthy stool before starting a liver cleanse. So, in this program, we start with the gut and prime it before activating the liver. Here’s how it works:

  • We start by rebalancing the gut microbiome and optimizing gut function and elimination through stool for the first 14 days. We use microbiome-balancing gut supplements plus diet and lifestyle modifications.
  • During the second 14 days, we add liver detox functional food shakes and supplement packets to support Phase 1 and 2 liver detoxification fully.
  • You can join our private online group to learn more, chat, and get support throughout the 28 days. 
  • We meet on Zoom the days before we start the gut component (day 1) and the liver component (day 15) and again on the last day to discuss moving forward (day 28). 

After completing the 28-day program, participants experience significant positive outcomes, such as weight loss, reduced bloating, improved mood, enhanced energy levels, better quality of sleep, improved digestion and stool quality, and clearer skin. Our participants also report reduced inflammation, improved exercise performance and recovery, and reduced cravings for sweets. These results are truly remarkable and speak to the effectiveness of this program. 

Reggie’s experience:

“This program improved my stool, digestion, and skin, giving me mental clarity, restful sleep, and a better mood with more patience. It even improved my hot yoga practice! I would recommend it to others because it is a nice, organized, and supportive format with actual physiological science behind it.” 

The dietary and lifestyle components of this functional detox program

Our dietary and lifestyle components are easy to follow and not extreme. We provide an easy-to-follow diet and lifestyle guide that we discuss in the online group. The program is gentle, and you can easily do it during regular activities. It’s a time to nourish your body and mind by slowing down, eating simple, light food, avoiding unnecessary toxins, reducing stress, sleeping well, and moving your body. 

So, if you’re ready to take the first step towards a healthier you, join our next January 1-2-3 Functional Detox Group! If you prefer not to wait and want to do a DIY version of this program or have a customized version, please get in touch with us. We’re happy to help!

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Dr. Laura Paris is an IFM-certified functional medicine practitioner and doctor of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. She helps women rebalance hormones and cycles, reclaim metabolic health, reverse autoimmunity and inflammation, and restore gut health.

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