Road to Remission

A 4-month, holistic Functional Medicine program for women who are motivated to reverse their autoimmune condition and take control of their health.


Ready to go from letting your inflammation run the show to living a stable life that’s full of vitality? (Yes, it’s totally possible!)

Imagine yourself…

  • Waking up each day feeling energized and ready to take on the world with a clear mind and a positive outlook.
  • Enjoying a better quality of life by managing your symptoms of autoimmunity.
  • Having more time and energy to spend with the people you love and pursue the activities that bring you joy.
  • Feeling productive and accomplished instead of frustrated and trapped.
  • Establishing complete confidence and a sense of control over your entire life.

You’ve already tried the conventional medicine route, but your intuition is telling you there’s more you can do to manage your autoimmune condition.

You aren’t seeing the sustainable results you desire from medicine alone — and that’s because medicine only masks the symptoms. It doesn’t address underlying triggers and drivers of the autoimmune process. So you find yourself dealing with the same issues over and over again…

  • Inflammation
  • Mysterious aches and pains
  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Bloating
  • Feeling unlike yourself

There are so many exciting things you want to do in life, but your flare-ups have other ideas… You find yourself canceling plans often and living a lesser version of your life because your body refuses to keep up. It’s maddening and disheartening all at the same time…

Take a deep breath. Relief is here. You DON’T have to feel trapped by your diagnosis anymore. If you’re tired of your condition holding you back from enjoying the things you love most, it’s time to explore how holistic Functional Medicine care can help you reclaim your life.

By identifying and addressing the root causes of your symptoms, you can reclaim your health and feel more vibrant than ever.

But why waste your time Googling and TikTokking when you can trust true experts?

Hi! I’m Dr. Laura Paris, an autoimmune specialist — and I designed Road to Remission for women just like you.

Because 25 years ago, I was right there where you are: newly diagnosed with an autoimmune condition of my own. Determined to get to the bottom of my crippling diagnosis, I committed to learning everything I could about autoimmunity. Over the years I achieved these qualifications:

  • Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine (DACM)
  • Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner
  • Kresser ADAPT Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner
  • California Board Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist
  • Hawthorne University Certified Nutrition Consultant
  • Certified Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) Coach

I specialize in the intersection of autoimmunity, inflammation, and female hormones. With over 20 years of expertise from working with women with autoimmune conditions, I created a program designed to supplement conventional medicine and help you feel better as quickly as possible.

My program speaks to the unique challenges you face as a woman with autoimmunity  — including the flare-ups that often accompany life’s major hormonal shifts. If you’re struggling with autoimmune symptoms during the different phases of your cycle, pregnancy, postpartum, or perimenopause — or any other time of hormonal upheaval — I’d love to help you. 

During our time together, you’ll have access to the exact steps I’ve used to help hundreds of women get on the Road to Remission.

Road to Remission is a comprehensive, 4-month program to help you transform your life with a holistic approach to autoimmunity.

Each month, you’ll receive:

  • One Functional Medical Appointment with Laura.
  • A personalized Monthly Remission Roadmap with your action steps and lab orders for the month.
  • Two private coaching sessions with Juliet Romeo Tabbara, Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach. Juliet is a women’s autoimmune specialist who helps you put your Remission Roadmap into action in a way that fits your lifestyle, personality, pace, and culture.
  • Access to messaging both Laura and Juliet for support and questions in between appointments.
  • Peace of mind knowing that two experienced and nurturing professionals have your back.

My life changed with Laura and Juliet’s help

This experience has truly been LIFE-CHANGING! I feel so much better in my body and have been powered by learning how different foods affect me. My fatigue, joint pain, headaches & mood have all significantly improved. Dr. Laura & Juliet are extremely knowledgeable and supportive. I would DEFINITELY recommend the Road to Remission program to other women with autoimmune conditions because I know firsthand that it works.

We will design your customized Roadmap to Remission, including…


We start with a food-first approach — a must for autoimmune health. We’ll help you figure out which foods might be causing inflammation in your body and replace them with yummy, nutrient-packed healing foods.

And this step is about more than just your diet. We’ll get you on the track to healing with a complete anti-inflammatory lifestyle, too — including reducing stress, improving sleep habits, moving your body, and cultivating social support.

In this program, you’ll have the expert guidance you need to navigate an autoimmune-healing diet and lifestyle in a safe and healthy way. Together, we’ll get you munching on delicious, healing foods and give your body (and life) the love and care she deserves!


Did you know that working on your gut health is essential to reducing inflammation and reversing autoimmunity? In the program, we’ll focus on optimizing your gut health to help manage your symptoms and improve your overall health.

A healthy immune system starts with a robust and diverse gut microbiome. We’ll assess your microbial populations and weed out any pesky microbes while nurturing your beneficial populations. We’ll improve your ability to digest and absorb nutrients. And since “leaky gut” is a precursor to autoimmunity, we will knock down gut inflammation and help heal your gut lining — so you can live the symptom-free life you’re dreaming of.


During this step in the program, we’ll address your personal inflammation triggers to help you take control of your condition. From allergies and infections to stress and hormone imbalances, many factors can contribute to inflammation in your body. By identifying these triggers, you can manage your symptoms and improve your quality of life.

Some common inflammation triggers include blood sugar & insulin dysregulation, hormone imbalance, poor sleep, and exposure to toxins. Together, we won’t let these factors hold you back from feeling your best.


I’ll help you unlock the power of nutrients to regulate your immune system and reverse autoimmunity. In this step, we go far beyond simply reducing the downstream effects of inflammation. Instead, we take an upstream approach by directly supporting your immune system’s warriors — so they can stop the autoimmune process and de-inflame your body.

By addressing the root cause of your autoimmune condition, you’ll be able to keep your system in check more sustainably — empowering you to be more present for the things that matter most in your life.

Laura and Juliet provide unmatched support

“The support & understanding from Dr. Laura & Coach Juliet is amazing and unmatched! WOW! I gained knowledge on how to better manage my symptoms of autoimmune gastritis. As a result of the Road to Remission program, I experienced significant improvement in inflammation, constipation, nausea, & bloating. A lot of women would benefit from this program for hormonal and gut issues.”

Sign up for Road to Remission and receive high-level

holistic care from two experts.

This four-month program is currently on a 2023 introductory special. We accept HSA plans and provide superbills for potential insurance reimbursement. Specialty labs and supplements are not included. You may use your insurance for bloodwork if you have coverage. If you’re not sure if this is right for you, please contact us to get your questions answered.

Road to Remission Introductory Special

  • Four Months of Wraparound Care
  • One Medical Visit Each Month
  • Two Coaching Sessions Each Month
  • 1:1 Guidance From Two Autoimmune Experts
  • Personalized Monthly Remission Roadmaps
  • Ongoing High-Touch Support Between Visits

This high-touch program is only $468 per month for four months. Option to extend beyond four months. Discounted to $450 if paid by cash, check, or electronic transfer – please inquire about this option.

Laura helps me find a path to healing

“Wow, what can I say about Laura Paris…Thank you! Your study and understanding of functional medicine and immunology, together with your kind spirit has returned my brain, bladder and gut! I have experienced the aftermath explosion of Hashimoto’s, IC and Celiac damage. I really thought I was forever lost… However, I decided that I would spend a little money on myself in an effort to change a situation that conventional medication couldn’t change. Unfortunately, I am a conventional medical provider and had to admit that we are discouraged to seek insight past classic medical training. You have inspired me to help those around me in similar situations. True healing and a path to restoration.”

This program is for you if:

  • You have one or more autoimmune conditions or other inflammation challenges.
  • You’re tired of your body deciding what you can and can’t do in your life.
  • You want a holistic approach that goes beyond what conventional medicine offers.
  • You’re looking for an expert team to lead the way and gently hold you accountable.
  • You want to explore the natural supplement route, but you’re unsure of which ones to take.
  • You want to figure out an anti-inflammatory healing diet that works for your body and isn’t unnecessarily restrictive.
  • You’re ready to prioritize and invest in your overall health.

It’s time to stop letting your autoimmune condition run your life. When it comes to your health, you deserve to be in the driver’s seat. Let’s get you on the Road to Remission.