Optimize Fertility and Prepare for Conception

Women and men, do you want to prepare for a successful conception and healthy pregnancy? If so, you’re in the right place! We help you optimize your health before conception, whether you are conceiving the old-fashioned way or using IVF or other reproductive technology.

We help you:

First and foremost, restore your healthy and fertile menstrual cycle. Then if any of these apply to you…

  • Balance your blood sugar and insulin, to prevent gestational diabetes – which causes excessive weight gain, large babies, a greater occurrence of C-sections, and future metabolic problems for you and your baby.
  • Resolve hormone imbalances that may contribute to infertility or pregnancy loss – such as hypothyroid, low progesterone, and high androgen hormones in the case of PCOS.
  • Optimize sperm or egg quality and ovarian reserve – sperm takes 90 days, eggs take 6 months.
  • Personalize your nutrition during preconception and pregnancy based on what mama’s body needs – prenatals are not one-size-fits-all, and nutrient needs change throughout the trimesters.
  • Optimize gut and vaginal microbiome for you and baby – prevent Group B strep and candida.

Women who benefited from conception and fertility care


had experienced two devastating miscarriages. She came in with concern about her low thyroid hormones, and a desire to prevent a third miscarriage. We ruled out Hashimoto’s thyroid disease (an autoimmune process). She was low in many nutrients important for thyroid function. We supported those, and voila! The next pregnancy stuck.


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had a classic version of PCOS (insulin resistance with irregular cycles), along with Hashimoto’s thyroid disease. She had excess abdominal weight, which is inflammatory, and weight loss resistance, in part caused by years of dieting. We used diet and supplements to reduce inflammation, subdue her autoimmune process, and reverse insulin resistance. Although Lisa was averse to eating meat, we found out that a mostly vegetarian Keto diet did work well for her (it’s not right for all women). After a few months, conception was successful.


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had extremely painful, clotty, heavy periods, and exhaustion. In addition, she had PMS symptoms that lasted for two weeks before her period. It’s possible she had undiagnosed endometriosis, however, we also discovered she had an MTHFR gene variation that DID affect her ability to use folate (40% of us have one of these variations, and most of us are unaffected by it). We used methylated folate and supplemented the nutrients that were low on her lab. We also used Chinese and western herbs for PMS and painful periods. Within a few months, her period and cycle symptoms improved significantly and she conceived her son.


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lives on the East coast and we worked via video appointments. She had no symptoms to speak of, other than not being able to conceive, and a low AMH (a controversial marker of egg quality or ovarian reserve). Her doctor told her there was no way to conceive without doing IVF. In this case, we used nutrients and Chinese herbs to nourish her egg quality, and she conceived within a year.


stopped birth control a year prior and had not conceived yet. Her doctor told her she was too thin to conceive. However, she did have regular cycles. After deep investigation, we discovered she had an atypical type of PCOS with blood sugar dysregulation even though she was thin. Her root cause was adrenal stress hormone dysregulation. We worked to correct that, conception was successful, and now she’s in love with her new baby girl.


was in her late thirties and had not achieved conception after 8 months of trying. She had gone off birth control after over a decade of use, and although she was having regular cycles, she was not ovulating. We decided to nurture her hormones with herbs, and give it six months. She conceived in the sixth month!


was only in her 20s, and came to me on progesterone and thyroid hormone from her naturopath. She did not have Hashimoto’s. With women this young I like to dig for the root cause of these hormone deficiencies. We discovered she had an atypical type of PCOS and adrenal hormone dysregulation with stress and anxiety. We treated these things, and she was able to wean off all hormones and achieve a regular cycle. She decided during this process that she was not ready to conceive.

I welcome your comments and questions,

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