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Welcome to our Spring 2024 Detox Program! Starts Sunday, April 7th

This is a safe and effective 28-day supervised functional detox program. It’s designed to support the three phases of detoxification that take place in the liver, gallbladder, and intestines (gut). Please read our article Functional Medicine Detox Phases 1, 2, and 3 so that you understand why a proper detox involves the liver and the gut.

Monique’s experience:

“The main reason I did the cleanse was to get me back on track and I feel like the month has been long enough for it to be more habit now. I don’t crave sweets and am snacking less. I definitely have more energy. My mood has improved as well. I have lost about 5 lbs. My digestion has also improved. I would recommend this program to others because it was easy to follow and it was nice to do it in a group. I really love Laura’s approach to wellness – making it fit into your own lifestyle in an easy-to-follow way that makes it manageable and fun.” 

This program includes:

  • All the supplements (3 gut products and 2 liver products) and the functional food shake mixes (28 servings) you need for this 28-day program
  • Gentle diet and lifestyle guides
  • A private Slack group where you can learn more, ask questions, and get support throughout the 28 days
  • Three Zoom meetings (Saturdays at 9 am PST on April 6 & 20, and May 4) for education and questions

Why do a combined liver-gut detox?

When you think about detox, think liver → gallbladder → intestines → poop. These are the organ systems that need to function well to get waste and toxins out of your body.

Your liver and gallbladder handle Phase 1 and 2 detox, and your gut handles Phase 3. But since the gut is the “sewer,” we need to start there and make sure it’s primed before activating the liver. Here’s how it works:

  • We spend the first 14 days rebalancing the gut microbiome and optimizing gut function and elimination through stool. We use three gut supplements plus diet and lifestyle modifications.
  • During the second 14 days, we add two liver detox supplements and two functional food shakes per day.
  • During the entire 28 days, you can join our private online group to learn more, chat, and get support.
  • We meet on Zoom the days before we start the gut component (day 1) and the liver component (day 15), and again on the last day to discuss moving forward (day 28). These take place on Saturdays at 9 am PST on April 6 & 20, and May 4.

When the 28 days are done, you can expect to lose things you don’t want: belly bloat, liver fat, high cholesterol, brain fog, fatigue, inflammation, PMS, skin breakouts, poor stool quality or form, plus a variety of symptoms caused by toxins, inflammation, and bad gut microbes.

You can expect to gain things we all want and love: energy, mental clarity, more even-keel moods, a smoother menstrual cycle, balanced hormones, healthier digestion and stools, lower cholesterol, a leaner metabolism, clearer skin, and more.

Kimberly’s experience:

“I experienced improvement with my energy, mood, mental clarity, and I’m highly motivated to take care better of myself. I would recommend this program to others because I think it’s good to reset your body. I appreciate being gently guided through this process. I enjoyed the group setting. I felt safe. Laura did an excellent job guiding us through nutritional detox program. She was very responsive and provided really helpful information.”

We start with the gut detox for 14 days

It’s crucial to open the “sewer” and have a healthy gut microbiome and stool before stimulating liver detox. So we start here. For this component, we use the Biocidin® Microbiome Detox Program supplements along with gentle, common-sense attention to diet and lifestyle. Nothing extreme – this is easy to do! The three supplements include:

  1. Biocidin® – a gentle yet potent herbal formula designed to reduce noxious and inflammatory microbes
  2. G.I. Detox – binds toxins and microbes to help move them safely and quickly out with your stool
  3. Proflora4R – a soil-based probiotic that nurtures the growth of favorable beneficial microbes

If your gut health is seriously impaired, we recommend starting with the functional stool test the GI-MAP to find out what’s going on first. Consider your gut health seriously impaired if you have blood or mucus in your stool, an active inflammatory bowel disease, or you’ve had abnormal stool or bloating for a year or more.

We add the liver detox for the second 14 days

Now that the “sewer” is open, you can safely activate liver detox. We turn on the “drip” (Phase 1) and open the “drain” (Phase 2) with the Designs For Health® PaleoCleanse Plus™ Detox Progam. This includes:

  1. Detox-Antiox™ provides protective antioxidants to help detox chemicals and heavy metals and glutathione precursors to support Phase 2
  2. Amino-D-Tox™ supplies the Phase 2 amino acids and nutrients needed to link unstable Phase 1 metabolites with safer water-soluble components that can be eliminated
  3. PaleoCleanse Plus™ is a functional food powder that supports the overall metabolic detoxification process, balances Plase 1 and Phase 2 pathways, and aids the clearance of xenobiotics, pollutants, remnants of pharmaceutical drugs, excess steroid hormones, and other harmful substances, plus the waste byproducts from normal, healthy metabolism.

PaleoCleanse Plus™ contains a beef bone broth protein powder, and you choose strawberry-vanilla or chocolate. You can mix this powder with a liquid of your choice, or make them into shakes. You can choose to use the shakes for meal replacements if additional weight loss is desired.

Breanna’s experience:

“During this cleanse I lost ten pounds, had better energy levels, and better focus and mental clarity at work. I’d recommend it to others because it was a nice way to start the new year that wasn’t too overwhelming and it gave freedom in how restrictive you wanted to be with diet.”

The dietary and lifestyle components

First of all, you don’t need to do anything crazy! A detox is not a boot camp, it’s a time to nurture yourself. It’s a time to eat simple nurturing food, avoid unnecessary toxins, reduce stress, sleep well, and move your body. Basic common sense. You’ll get an easy-to-follow diet and lifestyle guide that we will discuss in the online group, as well as other topics related to detox.

Here are some tips for now, that may answer questions you have:

  • This program is gentle and you can easily do it during regular life or travel.
  • You can have caffeine, which activates Phase 1. However, be moderate. You may want to use the opportunity to try green tea for a change, which has many health benefits and also supports detoxification.
  • You should take a break from alcohol because it is a liver toxin.
  • Minimize or avoid sugar and processed foods. Eat real food, mostly at home. Enjoy a date or a square of dark chocolate for a delicious and nutritious sweet treat.
  • Commit to just one lifestyle component that needs some love and attention: try a 10-minute meditation for stress management, add a daily walk as a movement snack, or turn off your devices and go to bed earlier. Above all, keep it nurturing and simple.

Reggie’s experience:

“This program improved my stool, digestion, and skin, and gave me mental clarity, restful sleep, and a better mood with more patience. It even improved my hot yoga practice! I would recommend it to others because it is a nice organized and supportive format that has actual physiological science behind it.” 

Program fees and registration – early bird sale through MARCH 15

28-Day 1-2-3 Functional Detox Program: The early bird fee is $347 (normally $397) and includes all supplements and shake mix packets, shipping, diet and lifestyle guides – PLUS Dr. Laura’s 28-day Slack group and three live Zoom meetings for interaction, education, and support. These take place on Saturdays at 9 am PST on April 6 & 20, and May 4.

the 28-day detox starts on Sunday, APRIL 7, 2024

Please contact us with any questions!

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