1-2 Punch Against Viruses

We often educate our community about which herbs and supplements to take to fight a viral infection. There are lots of effective things to take both before you get sick as prevention, and when you are sick for treatment. (Grab our Virus Prevention Protocol here if you don’t already have it.)

Many of our patients require specialized protocols because they have pre-existing conditions, lots of exposures, or a compromised immune system. We are happy to help them – and you too – with customized protocols that avoid guesswork. The important thing to keep in mind is that you need to have your prevention and treatment supplies on board and in stock before you get sick! If you wait until you’re already sick, it’s too late to figure out what you need and where to get it.

But what about using more effective barrier systems to stop viruses from even getting in?

Sure, you can wear a proper mask, but that’s not always desirable or possible. Here we discuss two simple things you can do to stop viruses from getting in and getting established – beyond wearing a mask. . .

Viruses get in through your nose and mouth.

These are the gates where viruses first get in (at least the ones we are addressing here, like the common cold, flu, RSV, Noro, Covid, etc..). What if you could make these openings hostile and stop viruses in their tracks right here at the gates? Well, it turns out there are simple ways you can do exactly this – seal, sterilize, and protect the lining inside your mouth and nose so that viruses have no chance. It makes good sense to strengthen your barriers. But how do you do this?

Introducing the throat spray Biocidin® and the nasal spray XLear.® These two pack a 1-2 punch because one is for the nose and one is for the back of the mouth. I always carry these with me, especially in crowds and while traveling, and recommend all my patients do the same. Use two sprays of XLear in each nostril and three sprays of Biocidin in the back of your mouth before and after exposures. So, before you leave the house, and after you get back. Or, before you enter the airport and after you leave it.

Both of these sprays have antimicrobial and sterilizing properties, and they’re both highly effective at creating a protective shield. XLear also contains xylitol, which provides a coating inside your nose that prevents microbes and allergens from sticking around.

Punch #1: Biocidin® Throat Spray (TS)

Think there is no way to naturally stimulate rapid immune response? Think again! Biocidin®TS was the subject of a human clinical trial where participants (athletes tested post-workout) showed a rapid increase in immune activity within 60 minutes of use.

Here’s how it works:

  • Immunomodulatory – Biocidin® TS assists in balancing the Secretory Immunoglobin A (SIgA) markers both in the gut and respiratory tract. Echinacea, Noni, and Shiitake are all botanicals traditionally used to support immune health.
  • Supports healthy inflammatory response – Botanicals have multiple positive benefits, and assisting a normalized inflammatory response is an important outcome. Galbanum is a unique resinous ingredient similar to Frankincense mentioned in Hippocrates’ most ancient herbal texts. Noni is prized in Polynesian cultures for its remarkable ability to assist immune balance.
  • Supports microbial balance – Almost all of the botanicals in Biocidin® TS positively impact the removal of “unfriendly players” while promoting friendly flora. Goldenseal, Garlic, Oregano, and Black Walnut are well-documented in this category.
  • Biofilm disruptor – The botanicals in Biocidin® TS work in multiple ways to inhibit biofilms: Stopping quorum sensing, stopping adhesion to surfaces, disrupting the lipid bi-layer, dismantling the biofilm, efflux pump inhibition, and elimination of “unfriendly players.”
  • Antioxidant – Bilberry, Grape Seed, and other ingredients contain high levels of oligomeric proanthocyanidin complexes (OPCs) for cellular health and repair of tissues.

Download the Biocidin TS product sheet here.

Punch #2: XLear Nasal Spray

The nose is where bacteria and viruses enter the body. Wouldn’t it make sense to wash our nose with something that blocks viral and bacterial adhesion?

Xlear relies on scientific research that show its effectiveness for respiratory health and viral defense. Its secret is the patented, natural saline spray containing xylitol—an ingredient which cleanses and moisturizes.

Normal saline nasal sprays can dry out the nasal passage, actually leaving it more irritated and susceptible to external contaminants. But with the addition of xylitol, Xlear Nasal Spray will moisturize and soothe your sinus and nasal passages.

Xylitol also has cleansing benefits; it almost acts like soap for your nose. The industry-leading formula alleviates congestion and also prevents bacteria and other pollutants from sticking to nasal tissues.

Now you can naturally promote upper respiratory health while alleviating congestion with Xlear Saline Nasal Spray with xylitol!

  • Patented solution with Xylitol reduces tissue inflammation and naturally opens airways.
  • Easy-to-use 1.5oz bottle delivers approx. 240 fine-mist sprays.
  • Hypertonic solution is more effective than saline alone at rinsing, cleansing, and moisturizing.
  • Non-GMO Project ingredients guarantee the products you put in your body are natural.
  • Drug-free formula can be used as often as needed without the risk of addiction or rebound.

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